Events after Covid - back to in person?!

Currently, there is a very heterogeneous event landscape.
Whether still completely virtual, in presence or further as a mixed event in hybrid format - OpenSlides can support you in all variants!

The advantages of using OpenSlides, even beyond the Covid-related limitations:

Enable decentralized participation

Enable attendance and participation without boundaries.
Is someone impeded and unable to travel to the venue?
Do you want to reduce costly travel and consciously manage the ecological footprint of your event?
With integrated streaming and video conferencing, hybrid events can connect participants on-site and at home.

Real-time flexibility

A new agenda item is requested?
A debate to amend a motion?
Delegates spontaneously signing up for the meeting?
Almost all levels of event organization can be adjusted ad hoc and in real time.

There is no second planet - save trees

Save trees, save paper!
With dedicated rights management, delegates can digitally access motions and documents (even before the event).
In transition, a mixed version is a good idea - offer the familiar print version for those who still need it haptically on request or for self-printing. The PDF for this can be generated directly via OpenSlides.
Changes to motions can thus be presented much more flexibly, and here too - with OpenSlides you will be the paper-saving world champion!
By the way: with 600 participants and 2,500 pages per person you will save 7 tons of paper by switching to a completely digital format!

Our magic cure: The speaker list

A small function with a powerful effect!
We don't have empirical studies, but the speaker list creates resounding transparency.
Depending on - let's say carefully - the "discipline" of the participants, the combination of the speaker list with the countdown (optionally with traffic light display) creates an enormous effect and reduction of unnecessary discussion loops. In the autopilot, there is thus a high level of traceability, predictability and order for all participants of the event.

The icing on the cake: Elections and voting

Of course, even our voting module can't show the results as quickly as a vote by show of hands.
But in all other variants you can use OpenSlides to save time:
  • Determine correct results within a few seconds
  • Generate ad hoc ballots for analog elections
  • Combine the best voting methods for your event, whether eVoting or analog voting
Save a lot of time for elections and voting, so you have more time for discussion and exchange!

The Orga will learn to love it

Keep the overview with the different projectors
Your video technicians will thank you, with OpenSlides they get all image sources from one source
Use internal and hidden entries in the agenda for a detailed storyboard
Stay in direct contact with the Presidium, the organizers /Chair person/Motion committee - closed chat groups make it possible.

Decentral preparation possible

Staff members, motion committees etc. can prepare the event decentrally and carry out all necessary preparatory actions:
From importing the participant data and the agenda to preparing the elections and votes.

Last but not least - the heart of the system: the motion management.

... but you already know that, don't you?!

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