Hybrid event with integrated stream

What does hybrid mean?

You meet in person with a core team, board, meeting chair and, if necessary, a reduced number of delegates; the rest of the delegates participates decentrally, e.g. at the workplace, at home or other business locations.

A stage or podium is set up in the physical meeting room with the help of another service provider. Sound, picture, camera and editing are produced on site. If necessary, videos, sign language interpreter, overlays, etc. can be cut together in the picture.

Your service provider hands over this produced signal to OpenSlides after consultation and instruction. There, the "finished picture and sound" is displayed in the integrated stream. All delegates can thus follow the meeting AND also actively contribute speeches via the interactive video conference.

Delegates thus only need a PC or laptop with a single browser window open to follow the entire meeting.

Another major advantage of this variant is that the speaker list is intelligently linked to the Jitsi conference system. Only participants who are on the current speaker list can switch from "passively" watching the stream to the "active" video conference.

This method is very low-bandwidth, so even several hundred to thousand participants can take part in the meeting without any problems.

Hybrid event without external service provider

When planning a hybrid assembly on your own, it is best to ensure that you have support from in-house IT or internal "experts" on site. We strongly recommend conducting rehearsals or simulation runs.
In the physical meeting room, usually the office or a conference room, set up a podium, e.g. a standing desk, and place a laptop there that functions as a speaker's desk.
Alternatively, an external camera with better image quality can be connected to a laptop/PC. This device is permanently dialed into the conference room as a fictitious participant.

Alternatively, you can also use your own established conference system.

Hints and tips

On the one hand, your service provider can hand over the finished "picture & sound signal" to OpenSlides, on the other hand, he can directly generate a public stream for public events and publish them e.g. on your own website or Youtube.
Book the hosting and the integrated stream via our web form at: https://openslides.com/en/order

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